Since 2006, ID has provided signage for the Aaron’s program. When we started their sign standards were what we call “Blue/Gold” Aaron’s cloud signs and FCO- “Gemini” letters.  Since then, Aaron’s has updated the colors of the cloud signs and have changed from the FCO-gemini letters to what is known as a pillbox. In the past four years, we average about 75-90 remodel sites a year.  

We are currently developing with Aaron’s their “Store of the Future” program.  Aaron’s is doing a complete remodel of the building and adding a large nichiha wall element.  These building signs are now face lit white & halo lit blue channel letters. The sub-copy on these building signs are also different by using the words “Easy. Beautiful. Affordable”. We also do an interior sign- flat cut out letters.  When this program started the goal was to make everything look more modern and appeal to the younger generation.

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