Restaurant signage has the power to engage customers from the curbside to the tableside

Whether you’re looking for a fast food fix or seeking a global culinary experience, restaurant signage has the power to engage customers from the curb-side to the table-side. Signs are your first contact with potential customers.


The primary purpose of any signage is to identify your business, direct clients to your door and communicate your brand message. Years ago, a sign simply stating “EAT HERE” could get customers into the door of a restaurant. But, with so many eateries competing for business, bold and creative signage is what’s needed to bring more people to your table. From breakfast to late night dinner, signs can serve as your best wait staff!

Eat here and get gas sign

Your Sign, Your Brand

The best example of the power of signage is at national chain eateries, where the signs are as iconic as the brand story. Think of a sweet red-headed girl, olive branches, or a red lobster and you get a feeling which could be hunger. Give in to those stomach grumbles. Signage brings an emotional connection to the brand.   In addition to exterior signage, Interior signage such as large-scale graphics, digital signs and menu boards come into play at the point of sale to entice dinners when ordering. And there’s a clear financial benefit as well. For example, Wendy’s restaurants employing digital signs have seen a sales improvement of 12 to 13 percent over locations that don’t.

Exterior Wendy's, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden Signs

Setting the Table and the Mood

Smartly designed restaurant signs are multi-taskers! Many restaurants integrate creative signage to create distinguishing themes and settings. Interior signage can set the stage and determine ambiance. Make your offerings hard to resist with splashy over-sized graphics that inspire cravings. Get creative with menu boards that sell product rather than simply list pricing. Even details such as wayfinding signage in a coordinating palette and design can enhance the customer’s perception and experience.

Entertain and Engage with Digital Signage

Savvy restauranteurs use digital signage to engage, entertain and connect with guests. As of 2011, a survey of 200 industry leaders found that up to 21 percent planned to implement digital-based self-service options in their restaurants in the near future. Digital signs can promote specials, seasonal menu changes or updates to the daily menu. A digital sign can also be a powerful marketing tool, advertising upcoming community events, fundraisers or specially themed meals.  Because of the ability to make instant changes, digital signs allow you to celebrate a guest’s special occasion by creating a personalized greeting with ease. Employing a digital sign to draw customer’s attention and provide entertainment, an estimated wait, or anything like that can decrease perceived wait times by up to 35 percent!

Starbucks Exterior Digital Signage

ID Associates –  Experts in Restaurant Signage

When it comes to crafting restaurant signage, few companies can match the expertise of ID Associates.  We can design a unique portfolio of signs customized for your establishment.  We are leaders in restaurant signage and have a national presence to accommodate your growing needs. Contact us to discuss our menu of signs!

ID Associates Restaurant Signage Offers:

  • Interior & Exterior Signage Exterior, Awnings and Architectural signage
  • LED Signs
  • Large format printed graphics
  • Digital Signage
  • Menu boards
  • Directionals & Wayfinding